Preshoot Tips

Follow these Preshoot tips to ensure you have an awesome experience.

Weeks before your shoot

Stretch - Boudoir poses look amazing but we are going to have to work for it. Boudoir poses (when guided by a professional) are absolutely safe for most bodies within normal range and limitations, but they are a workout. Make sure you stretch weeks and days before your' shoot, you could even try a little YouTube yoga to get you more limber. It is very likely that your favourite boudoir shots are achieved by lots of bending and flexing, pushing and pulling. So it is good to be prepared.

Eat Well - No fad diets. Don't focus on trying to make your body fit into an image with fasting of fad diets. Eating a well balance diet (yes even the morning of your shoot) will help to fuel your body, keep your energy levels up and ward off fatigue or sugar crashes during your shoot. Feel free to bring your favourite snacks during your shoot.

Days before your shoot


Fake Tan - Ensure you have worked out the instructions of your fake tan product. Some fake tan product instructions are different to others. It may require you to scrub and/or moisturise at certain days after your first application. It is important to ensure you know the instructions of your tan, so that your tan is even for your shoot and your pictures come out perfect.

Water - Make sure to drink plenty of water. It is amazing how much water people don't actually drink and what impact it can have when you do drink the enough.This will ensure they your body has the hydrated for your shoot the next day and your body can get a good night sleep.

The night before your shoot


Shave or Don't - that is right. you can either shave or not. It doesn't matter, either way. it is your session and I want you to be comfortable whether that means you shave everyday or not. The important part of shaving, is that it is what YOU want. Editing out large areas of unwanted body hair post processing is not realistic for time, so if you would like it gone, definitely shave it. If you want to keep it, let it run wild and free.

Sleep - Make sure you get a good night sleep. Don’t go out drinking, partying or having a late night. A good night sleep is important for you to ensure you are mentally ready for your shoot and your body is ready.

Mental preparation - is just as important as having your body ready for a shoot. A positive mindset before your shoot will also ensure we capture great photos during the shoot.

The day of your shoot


Shower - In order to make sure we capture the best photos and you feel great during the shoot, having a shower is always a great way to relax the mind - obviously tanning permitted and/or hair as well. Make yourself feel rejuvenated and energised prior to your shoot or before you start getting your hair and make up done.

Clothing - Make sure you wear loose clothing, this makes sure that you don’t have lines on your skin in photos and that there are no smudges on your tan, which again ensures your photos come out perfect. Also remember hair ties, take them off your wrist hours before your shoot, as the line will show.

and Finally


Everyones body and mindset has something different to offer during a boudoir photoshoot. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we can ensure that we capture perfect images and your shoot is a great experience.