Suggested Outfits For Boudoir

In order to create the images you are looking for then it is a good idea to think about your clothing or the outfits you may like to wear during your shoot. Here is a list of suggested items you may consider for your boudoir session :

  • Lingerie Sets - two piece or one piece

  • A loose white t-shirt

  • Button up shirt

  • Wedding garter belt

  • Cocktail dress

  • Corset

  • Crop top

  • Halter Bra

  • Jeans

  • Robe

  • Fishnets

  • Stockings

  • Off the shoulder jumper

  • Heels and/or boots

  • Accessories like a wide brim hat (something you would wear to the races) and jewellery (if that is your style)

You don't need to go out and buy all these things. These are outfits that I have found work well in my experience as a boudoir photographer in Melbourne over the past years. On the day of your shoot, we will work together on which outfits work the best for the scene you want. It is always fun buying new outfits though, so go for it.